FLUIDIAN is a SME of specialists in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). We provide our knowledge and expertise in several sectors such as Industry, Construction or Defense. Our added value is our flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers from short term specific studies to substantial International R&D projects involving complex physical problems.

We are capable of assessing the quality and efficiency of each tool and software that we use and develop. Our business approach follows a systematic process which starts with the analysis of the problem and definition of modelling assumptions. Once necessary information is gathered, we work on the implementation of the model in simulation environments. Finally, we analyse and interpret the results obtained.

Modelling physical phenomena

Applied Mathematics and numerical analysis

  • Numerical schemes / generic solvers
  • General numerical methods
  • Development using main scientific languages : C/C++, Python, R, FORTRAN90
  • Parallel and Hybrid Computing CPU/GPU
  • GUI development

Meshing and CFD

  • CAD tools
  • Main commercial CFD software (Ansys Fluent, StarCCM+, etc.)
  • Open Source CFD software and tools (Code_Saturne, OpenFoam)
  • 3D rendering tools