Industrial R&D in Fluid Dynamics

The issues of industrial process are often complex and multi-physics: stationary or unsteady, turbulent or laminar, reactives, multiphase flows, etc. All these problems can be treated using CFD simulation to improve performance and stability of a process, reduce energy consumption or increase quality of the product.


CFD simulation studies & Physical modelling

  • Fluid dynamics : turbulent flows RANS/LES, reactives flows, Euler/Lagrange species transport, etc.
  • Thermal transfers : convection, conduction, radiation
  • Combustion, cinetic and equilibrium reactions, general thermodynamic
  • Free surface problems : VOF-related and LevelSet methods

Software Engineering

Software tools for scientific computing are often intended for specialists and could cause difficulties in use and in interoperability. In addition, these tools are demanding in computer resources (computing power, storage, memory).

Our offer is to bring to our customers our know-how in design and integration of high performance solutions in the field of numerical simulation. Our goal is to facilitate the work of experts and non-experts by providing turn-key solutions adapted to their needs.

  • Development of scientific software
  • Migration to open-source computing solutions & Customization
  • Design and development of work interfaces (GUI)
  • Benchmark of CFD codes and state-of-art
  • Integration of software in workflows, automation of computation steps (solver setup, mesh, post-processing)

Fluidian, a recognized R&D player

Fluidian has participated to several international R&D projects to develop innovative software tools :

  • Techno-scientific intelligence and state-of-art
  • Development of physical and mathematical models
  • Implementation of models in computation codes
  • National and international R&D projects


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