CFD simulation : an asset for sustainable development

Exposure, heating, ventilation... In an approach of sustainable construction, all energy consumption items are important in order to optimize the overall energy efficiency of buildings without compromising on comfort, safety or air quality. Architects or design offices, we can help you to integrate environmental considerations to your projects by CFD modelling : sun, wind, building built environment, geographic location are taken into account from the first sketch phases.

We can help you to conciliate respect for environment and comfort of the users. Using CFD simulation in your projects, you operate without risks the potential of your ideas and assess a priori the effectiveness of an innovative solution in your context !

From the first sketch to the choice of the best strategy for heating and ventilation, we help you to improve essential criteria such as :

  • energy consumption
  • air quality and health aspects
  • safety and overall comfort for users


We are at your disposal to study with you your needs in numerical simulation for your activity. Contact us to get a technical proposal that fits your objectives.

Our offer
  • Indoor and outdoor CFD studies
  • Software development & integration of computing tools in a workflow
  • Consulting and technical assistance