We are specialized in customizing and engineering global solutions based on opensource softwares and librairies.

We make use of open-source components which we customize and further develop to fit our customer’s needs and requirements. In some cases, we develop interfaces between these components so as to automate specific processes. We also implement additional layers needed for coherence of the simulation phase.


Code_Saturne is a CFD computation engine developed by EDF. It allows modelling incompressible and dilatable flows with or without turbulence and heat transfers.

OpenFoam is a CFD solver developed by SGI. It integrates a large number of physical models related to fluid dynamics.

Salome  is a simulation platform developed by CEA, EDF and OpenCascade. It integrates a 3D modelling engine, mesh libraries for 2D and 3D as well as a post-processing module.

Paraview is a 3D visualization software developed by KitWare. Users may swiftly build visualizations to analyse their results. Navigation through these results may be interactive in a 3D GUI or automated through batch scripts.

Gmsh is a software and a mesh library. Generating mesh can be done in its graphical interface or in a third party software using the library. Gmsh is light, fast and processes can be automated through a dedicated scripting language.