A new partnership of Fluidian at the service of French glass manufacturers

We’re proud to announce our commercial partnership with Celsian Glass & Solar B.V. in France.

Celsian Glass & Solar B.V. provide know-how for worldwide glass manufacturers to improve their process efficiency. Celsian’s proprietary software models are used by our customers to optimize their glass melting processes and minimizing costs for end users and the environment.

Apart from the software, Celsian also support furnace operations through process and emission measurements, furnace inspections and laser based sensor technology.

Celsian experts have trained over 1500 people from the glass industry all over the world on fundamentals of glass production via general course, e-learning modules and dedicated company programs.

Spécialisations : Software simulation, Glass training, Glass technology, Furnace lifetime, Emission reduction, CFD modelling, Laser based sensor, CO+O2 sensor, CO2 neutral melting, Furnace design, Process optimization, Glass melting course, Fundamentals of glass melting, Emission measurements, Emission optimization, Glass melting specialists, Advanced process control, Model based control, Predictive process control et Energy balance models

More on Celsian Glass & Solar B.V. : http://www.celsian.nl

October 28, 2018

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